I know I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been extremely depressed lately, and most of my friends would have noticed this due to me not being very talkative. But I’m slowly starting to get better again. Soon I’ll be good enough to visit my friend in Ann Arbor. It’s only 17 miles each way to see him. And I know where he lives, I’ve been there once, last year.

Note to self: Don’t call someone a faggot using Facebook or else you’ll get post blocked for 24 hours. The sad thing is, I didn’t mean anything other than the guy was a faggot. How is that offensive?

You know, dealing with personal stuff with depression can give you a lot of inspiration to write. I’ve started writing songs for when I form a band. I’m not even telling the band name yet. Because I’m trying to decide between two names. I’ve enlisted help from my brother, since he’s going to be in my band. So we’ll decide soon enough. As soon as I move back to Atlanta, I’m going to find some people who play instruments to join my band. That’ll be in a little over a year, after I finish school, so I can get a job at a local radio station in Atlanta, hopefully Project 9-6-1. That’s my favorite station ever besides 89X in Detroit.

Speaking of Atlanta, I want to try Sublime Donuts. It’s a local donut shop in Atlanta that my brother told me about. I looked through their donuts on their website, and they look really good.

Well, it’s like 6 am and I’m tired. So this is it for this post. I’ll post again real soon. Nighty night. =)

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