Moving Over

Well this is my first post on here now. I lost everything I had before. Because the server I was on went down, and my sister can’t get a hold of the guy who owns the server, but I’m hoping she can so I can get backups. Mainly my database backups for my blog and forums. But this site will be hosted on HostMonster for now. I did find a dedicated server that fit everything I needed, but it was $114/month, and I honestly didn’t have that much extra per month to spare. I also bought the theme I’m using, because free themes are very limited, and not so unique. I need something different, something that stands out. Something that will put my blog on the map of the interweb.

Now that my site’s back up, I will update as much as I can. I need to get into the habit of posting more often anyway. I’m liking the theme I bought, I’ve got it customized just the way I want it. If anyone has any suggestions for it, let me know, I’m up for suggestions, always. Anyway, for now I’m done with this post.

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