Just Something I Didn’t Get To Show

This is just something I didn’t get to show on here, since my site was down a lot of last year and over Christmas. I got a lot a cool gifts, but two gifts really stood out. One, this lovely Minecraft handbook set my brother got me.


The second gift that really stood out, and almost made me cry.. was simply, a gift card. Yes, you read that right.. a gift card. After everything my brother got me for Christmas, he still (over heard me when I said I really just wanted Google Play cards) went out on Christmas day to a store that was open, and bought me a $25 Google Play card. I almost teared up, simply because I couldn’t give as much as I wanted to.

Anyway, besides all the other cool stuff I got, those two really mattered. The first one took some thought, it wasn’t a last minute, get it because you haven’t gotten it yet kind of thing. Which some seemed that way to me. I’m thankful for everything I got.  Thank you for being such an awesome family (I know you guys will read this). =)

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