The Problem I Have With Convicted Vapes

Now, before you think I’m here to totally badmouth this group, spread slanderous lies and whatnot. No, that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to share my experience with the group, and tell what they’re doing wrong, and what they should be doing differently. And if I get shit about this from the group itself, it will only prove my point further.
First thing’s first, before starting ANY community. If you have NO idea how to run one, best idea is to just not create one. That, or get a course on how to create and run a good community, such as here ( and with the coupon code, the course is $15, effectively about as much as a 30ML bottle of premium ejuice. (And Udemy is a very well known online learning course platform founded in 2010, and almost /always/ has sales) And, in my opinion, totally worth it to get your community on the right path, instead of where you think it should be. Which is a group where admins are all powerful and can do whatever the hell they please, and members are just mere peasants and know absolutely nothing, except for a small group we call the “favorites”. Sorry, guys, that is not what a community is.
In short a community is a group of individuals who all share the same likes/hobbies/passions, among other things. They help build each other up, encourage each other, help each other thrive. These were, however, NOT the attributes I examined in the Convicted Vapes group on Facebook. What I experienced in my (I think it was about two months) was a continuous amount of put downs for everything I posted. I ask for some good cheap RDA suggestions and said I didn’t want to go clone, but I was looking at them because I had limited funds (and instead of getting things like  “Oh, I understand, but let me help you find some authentic RDAs that are inexpensive.” I get things like “You’re a fucking moron for asking about clones here, you obviously don’t know how to read the fucking rules, dipshit.”)  …. Now, if it were in my group, the asshole that spouted that shit would have been rode hard and put away wet, with his picture up on the hall of shame to let people know he treats other members of the vape community like shit. Remember the necessary attributes communities need to survive and thrive? Mainly the “help build each other up” and “encourage each other”? I’m sorry, but when Tristan himself eggs on a new member who doesn’t understand the rules and gets his “favorites” crew to gang up on them, that’s not attributing ANY good values in a community. Whether or not you’re an admin, you /do not/ treat /anyone/ that way. In most businesses (retail, restaurants, etc) the golden rule is “the customer is always right”, it honestly doesn’t matter if the customer is blatantly wrong, and you can prove it.. the customer is /always/ right. Communities are treated the same way. Admins are there to keep order, not to condemn. Some people, however, cannot handle that kind of power without it going straight to their head. Hence why we have cops that think they can get away with things and that they are “above the law”.

Another experience I had was when I asked for help in funding a startup for an ejuice brand. This John guy from Michigan (who makes the Johnny’s Juice) pretty much told me that I didn’t know shit about anything and that I would fail, and he would make sure that I did. (Seriously, who the fuck does he think he is?)
“Convicted Vapes”… what is the definition of the word “Convict”? It’s a declaration of someone’s guilt of a criminal offense. Well then.. that surely explains why the hell they act like convicts in the group. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they sure as fuck /know/ their shit, well kind of **. But when someone else doesn’t, they mock them, and act like they don’t belong there. In reality, I would have steered VERY clear of the word “convict” in a group, or at least the mere attitude of a convict. Just my opinion though.
**I said kind of because in their rules they claim the Chinese steal mod/RDA designs which is really fucking funny to me, considering the original idea for the whole damn thing came from China. I mean, if you know your shit, you’ll know that a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Lik, invented the modern vaporizer in 2003 because his father died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. Meaning, if it weren’t for the Chinese, we Americans /wouldn’t/ have the technology to design. So to act all superior because the Americans can make a Chinese product, and to claim the Chinese (who created the product) steals from “originals”… yeah, I think you see where I’m going with this. I’m just going to hope as you read this, you’re smart enough to deduce what I’m getting at here. And yeah, I mean, knowing all about vaping, back in the 60’s, Herbert Gilbert invented a smokeless cigarette device. But, with the diagrams of the design compared to what we use today, what we use today is based off of Hon Lik’s design from 2003. So, even if you were to make the argument about Gilbert’s idea from the 60’s, it wouldn’t count simply because we don’t use that exact design or idea.

Also, we are not above anyone. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been into vaping, you are not and will not be any better than anyone else. To even have the idea that just because you’ve been vaping for one year, means you know more than someone who’s been vaping, for say, six months, is pretty damn pathetic. It has /nothing/ to do with how long you’ve vaping, but how much effort you put into learning about it. And even then, learning more about it doesn’t make you any better either. The idea behind a community is to help each other learn, not put each other down for what the other doesn’t know (a common practice by members of Convicted Vapes).

So, all in all, I’m honestly not trying to put down the people in the group, but make it known about their practices and attitudes there. As I said before, communities are to help each other out, but the CV community is about putting everyone down that doesn’t understand certain things about vaping. /This/ is /not/ a community, ladies and gentlemen. This is pretty much what I would call a communist group run by people who think they are better than everyone else. I’m more for equality on this kind of thing. We are all the same, nobody better than the other. If you have a question about vaping, how do you expect to get the answer when you have a dozen members putting you down for not knowing it?

I’d honestly like to hear your thoughts on this. If you have joined, and are in the same boat as me, please tell your experience. And like I said, if you get shit for it, it’ll only prove the point further. So, honestly, you have nothing to fear by telling the truth, your experience matters. And, if you’re still a part of the group, and have witnessed these things, I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

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