Urban Vape Kartel

So, I started a new online community. Called the Urban Vape Kartel. Kartel, being spelled with a K is kind of an homage to Van Coke Kartel, which is a South African band. I figured I liked the spelling, so I’ll use it. Plus, it gives it a unique spin, at least I think it does. Anyway, the website is located at http://urbanvapekartel.com, and the actual community is at http://urbanvapekartel.com/uvk. Feel free to sign up. I’m still getting everything set up, but you can still sign up. The answer to the question at sign up is Maxwell, Max or Max Evans. You can use either one, they’ll all work.

I’m using vBulletin, simply because it’s an amazing software for communities, and I paid $250 for the license, so I want to put it to good use. You can sign up with Facebook on the site too, but you’ll still have to choose a username, but then again, it wouldn’t be a good forum if you couldn’t do that. I’ll also work with all of the little details from avatars to smileys. I’m working on a good enter website page for the index of the site, or if I should just set up redirect, since I used a different directory to get started before fully launching the site.