New Host, New Start

Well, I moved hosts.. and there are many reasons I did this. I will list off the few main reasons I changed webhost companies (from HostMonster to GoDaddy).

Basically, I wanted to install Magento 2, which requires PHP 5.5.22 or higher and MySQL 5.6. Well, I didn’t have those versions on HostMonster, so I contacted support in hopes to get them upgraded, well they decided to tell me that it would cost me $300 more per year (I had prepaid for three years after my first year, which ended today, which would have been about $900 more) I was like.. “uhh yeaaah, fuck no”.. they basically wanted to nickel and dime me for little things they could have done, but wanted more money for it. So, I contacted GoDaddy to check on the versions of PHP and MySQL they had on their shared hosting, and they had EXACTLY what I needed and for literally over 50% LESS than HostMonster. So, I asked for a refund on what I had prepaid for the renewal, and decided to change hosts to GoDaddy.

Now that all files and websites are back up on the new host, I now have to work on the many sub domains I had before, as well as email accounts. The email accounts won’t be so hard, simply because I didn’t have that many. I already have my two up, it’s just the others I had for friends. Which is all good, most of them but a couple are set back up, even emails have been moved from one server to the new one. So nobody will lose any emails.

The only thing that I can’t figure out how to do, is set up my custom web mail. For some reason the server won’t let me set it up, which I think is kind of dumb. But I’ll figure it out either way. I’ll get it working one way or another. And if I don’t, I’ll see what I can do about it.

Anyway, I’m out. Just wanted to let you guys know of the move. I’m coloring my hair right now, so I will be posting pictures of my hair when it’s all done to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So be on the lookout for that. =)