Ignorance Is Bliss

I typically try to stray away from these kinds of posts.. but this pissed me off more than most cases, I think because it hits so close to home. Around this area of Michigan, there was a 21 year old who killed himself, and his family is now going around the internet saying they don’t know why he did it. They’re not denying he had bipolar or a past of suicidal ideation, meaning they didn’t do jack shit to help. He apparently bought a handgun several weeks before this happened. And, yet, his family did NOTHING. I just asked my mom what she would do if I went out and got a handgun, and her response was that she’d lock it in her safe. Why? Because she knows I’d probably end up using it if I got low enough. The fact that this poor guy had such a shitty support system weighs heavy on my heart. Only because, as I said, it hits close to home.

I mean, I tried to off myself back in August, if it weren’t for the support of a friend, I wouldn’t be here. Because that friend stayed up with me until I passed out, but not before calling someone about it first. Another thing that pisses me off, and I’ll share the screenshot of what one of his family members said, and this PISSES me off to no end.


Why this pisses me off, is that all of a sudden, HE should have been the one to ask for help. But, the thing is, sometimes people who suffer from suicidal ideation DO ask for help, but in subtle ways. It isn’t HIS fault that his family didn’t catch on. I know, I’ve been through this. I’m doing my best to raise awareness of this kind of thing. Because just paying attention to someone isn’t enough. You need to talk to them, find the source, find the trigger, then do your best to get them away from the trigger.

Letting someone who has a history of suicide buy a handgun.. they pretty much pulled the trigger. They helped him with everything? Yeah, including what happened.

I won’t go on about this, I just want to find a way to organize a way to raise awareness of this. If anyone can help, PLEASE, I implore you to email me. My email address is listed at the top of the website.

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