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It’s just a little passed five am now, and I’m watching tv on my tablet while typing this. I’m really not paying much attention to what’s on, it’s just mainly for the noise. But then again, my fan makes  ― I believe it’s pink noise. It has a slightly lower tone than white noise. It’s just something that helps me sleep. When I am able to, and tired enough to.

But my thoughts are racing, and this website is my outlet. So, I leave you with some interesting thoughts, crude jokes, and sick humour. And if you don’t like it, you can shove it up your ass. Because I’m not going to conform to someone’s ideal person that I should be.

You know, I can’t help but laugh when people rage at me over an opposed opinion. I posted about CV a while back, and these people started saying all kinds of shit. The smoke coming though my laptop over the hot headed raging was insane. I almost thought my house was on fire. But then I realized it was just some butthurt fucks defending their worthless piece of shit “god” who runs the CV group. Oddly enough, one person agreed with me. Another problem I have with CV is the massive hivemind. One person says you’re wrong, everyone else piles up on top of you to back up whoever said you were wrong. Kind of like a clique of high school bullies. Honestly, I myself wouldn’t want that kind of rep online. Because eventually, that’ll be the downfall. Because eventually people are going to stop joining, and the only ones left will be the admins and the “favorites”. Make a community, make it friendly. If someone didn’t catch something on the “pinned” piece of shit, that doesn’t warrant a full on arsenal attack on the person, which is what happened to me, and a couple of other people I’ve talked to about it. As I said, community is key. CV is more like an empire who tosses people into a volcano because they missed something on the sticky piece of shit on the group page or don’t agree with them, and have an opposing opinion. And I stand by my opinion. And if you want to rage over it, go right ahead. Because the more you rage, the better I feel. And the more the hivemind shows. And I’ll most likely delete the comment without actually reading it. Either way, I wouldn’t want these guys as teachers, because they’d tell you that you’re a massive fucking moron for not knowing what you’re trying to learn in class.

Moving on, I’m headed to Georgia next month, from the 4th to the 11th. One week in my home state. I am definitely going to enjoy it. Not only because it’s where I spent a lot of my life there, but also to get away from here would be great. I could actually relax. I’ll be sleeping on a cot, which really doesn’t bother me. I just hope I have somewhere to put my laptop and tablet. My phone, I’m not worried about, because I can set it down on the floor while it’s charging. But either way, one thing I’ll get to do is GO TO ZAXBY’S! God, I miss that place. One of the reasons I can’t wait to move back down there. And since I’m the one that brought us up here.. I will NEVER move 700 miles for someone. It was the worst decision of my life. But either way, I’m doing a LOT better. No liquor or cigarettes since October of last year. And it’s coming up to the anniversary for it too. I am actually quite proud of the accomplishments over the last year. I’m more active, I eat more healthier, with a cheat here and there. I am not going to eat fast food much anymore, because I already have high blood pressure, and the sodium content in fast food is a recipe for disaster if you’re blood pressure is elevated. Plus, the calories.. my god. I do walk quite a bit now, and I’ve lost like 40 lbs just doing that. And that’s not even using any type of weight loss program. It’s just me being active.

I can’t help but think how I’m going to create the multiple podcasts I want to do. Since Mixlr only allows one podcast per account, and they suggest paying for another one. Which is a very shitty way to do business, if you ask me. But, what do I know? I’ll be looking for alternatives that will allow more than one podcast per account, and still streams live, and has an embedded player.

Also, guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much. There’s just been so much going on. As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to Georgia for a week, so I’ve been trying to get things ready. Like my room all straightened up and organized, clothes washed, etc. It’s been pretty hectic. But, I do have an announcement to make. But, you’ll have to wait.. remember patience like the stalker. =)  Either way, it’ll be pretty big. Especially with so many social networks out there for the type of thing I’m planning. I’m waiting around for now, to get things together, and to work with my site some to get posts to display right on pages.

Anywho, I’m about to fall asleep now, so I’m out. I’ll try my best to post more. I definitely will post while I’m in Georgia, and I’ll even take pictures and post them in a gallery on the posts.

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