Frohe Weihnachten, Geseënde Kersfees, God Jul, Merry Christmas

The title is Merry Christmas in four languages. In order from left to right, German, Afrikaans, Swedish, and English. I find learning about different cultures very fascinating. So, I’ve spent since 2012 saying those particular phrases in those languages. And I also learn about the cultures of each language. It’s kind of cool, actually.

This year was a pretty good year, despite the fact I had not been feeling the Christmas spirit this year at all. Mainly because so far the month has been pretty shitty. Only because the first half of the month I was sick as hell, then it snows and gets icy, I end up falling outside and bruising my lung, or something, I don’t know. But either way, it hurts like hell. Of course, I’m not letting that get me down. I just use some instant heat packs, they seem to help. The only problem is, it’s those ones you have to boil to reset the chemical inside that turns to hot gel. Of course, you can use it right after that, given that you wrap it in a towel or something, then when it gets too cool, just snap the metal disc, and voila, more heat. It’s not all that bad. But today was pretty decent, all things considered. I got a Deadpool mug, a Deadpool hoodie, and Deadpool pajama pants. The only thing I need now to complete the ensemble is a Deadpool shirt, and maybe some Deadpool slipper socks. Then I can add a Deadpool beanie to the mix, and I’d be all set. I got other things too, but those were probably my favourites out of them all, to be honest. I definitely got a good surprise this year.

Since most of the family was sick, we didn’t bother putting up a tree this year. And the benefit to that is that we don’t have to take it down. So, less work if you think about it. Course, it didn’t really bother me much this year. As I said earlier, I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit this year, so that played a part in it as well.

Anyway, I’m sorry this post was a little late. Christmas day was pretty busy. But I’ll be working on my New Years post from now until the end of the year.

As always, until next time. Have a great day!

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