Healthy Is The New Thing For 2017

I am extremely ecstatic (extremely being a qualifier that does fit, because I am way beyond ecstatic) right now. I don’t make new years resolutions because typically they go unfinished, or forgotten. And about 90% of people who say this “new year new me” bullshit always tend to stay the same. So, I have some amazing news that I just have to share, because it has made me so happy to the point that I’m overly excited. What is it, you ask? Well, within the last year, more like a little over a year, I started becoming more active.Because I decided to start exercising and taking better care of myself. Starting in October of 2015, I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking, and I started walking. At that point, my weight was around 220-230. At that point, I decided something had to be done. So, I swore off alcohol and cigarettes for good, and have yet to have any liquor or cigarettes since October 31, 2015. I counted the day.

Since then, I continuously took walks and tried to build my way up to maybe two miles per day. I am now up to close to four miles per day. Not all at once, mind you, but sporadically throughout the day. And even then, I have done incredibly wonderful. These pictures will show my results of what I’ve been doing. And again, I will say, I am in no way trying to be ugly or mean. But I find the fact that I’m doing SO much better and my exes, well, they’re the same. How do I know? I don’t stalk them, but from time to time, I check to see what they’re up to. And even seeing my first ex from up here last November, she’s still the same, no weight loss, nothing. So, in my sadistic mind, I find that oddly comforting, because I, on the other hand, have done my best to be a better person. Not only as a person but also being more healthy so I have a good life. The point to this post is to show off my accomplishments. And I’ll show a before and after from 2015 to 2016, and then now. So without further adieu, here is the proof. And those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook have already seen it.

As you can see back in 2015, around November, I looked pudgy and slightly overweight.
Now, looking at the next one, from November of 2016, my face is smaller, and I look a LOT less overweight.

Now, check this out. These were taken last night (January 13, 2017).

Now, this makes me extremely happy. Those who have known me in the past know that I aways had a gut that stuck out, making it look like I had a beer belly, even though I never drank beer. (Only because I hate beer). But, my stomach is almost completely flat.
This alone has boosted my self-esteem by like 1000%. And I am really starting to like the way I look now. And no, I was not sucking it in. That’s just the way it is normally now. But there are a few factors that have helped me gain this achievement. One, I’m no longer drinking, which is very well known to cause weight gain. Fifteen months of not drinking, plus the exercise I’ve been doing, as well as eating more healthier all have a part in this. And I’m going to continue to do this so that I look my best.

And honestly, I don’t want to look like I’m fat, or that I have a beer belly or anything. Plus, getting leaner also helps reduce the risk of hereditary diseases, such as diabetes, liver problems, high blood pressure, etc. I’m on a mission to be in the best shape I can possibly be. And no, I did not do any special diet that you see on tv (because 99% of those are not only expensive as shit, but also they don’t always have the same results every time). It’s not what diet you do because the majority of those diets just give you false hope. And then when it doesn’t work as they claim it will, you get frustrated and sometimes even depressed over it. The secret is limiting what you eat. Cut out fried foods (not entirely, just don’t eat them all the time), as well as cutting down on sodium and sugar intake. Because sugar can retain fat, and sodium can cause high blood pressure and even heart problems later in life if you eat a lot of it. Especially ramen, and I’ll be the first to admit, I absolutely love ramen. But, if you ever look at the nutritional facts of it, it’s 1,000MG or more of sodium. Which is basically a heart attack in a serving. It may be cheap, but the question is, is it worth fucking up your system because it’s cheap and even good?

So, basically, this post is to inspire people to take care of themselves. Your body is beautiful no matter what. But when you’re overweight, there are risks of heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. And that’s just a few of the issues. If you’re overweight, and you’re trying to be healthy, that’s one thing. But if you’re overweight, and glorify it claiming your body is beautiful even being overweight… that’s another thing. I’m not saying you’re not beautiful. I’m just saying some things are not healthy. And being healthy is key. And when you live a sedentary lifestyle, that tends to lead to an early death.

So, I hope some people get something out of this. And maybe inspires you to be more healthy so that you can live a long and happy life.

So, until next time, guys! I will see you later!