Max Talks New Years: 2017 Edition

So, it’s that time again. New Years Eve/Day. The time people make inane promises to themselves that they never keep that they call resolutions. Me? I’m going to focus on achievable goals, like one I’m working on right now, which is getting my GED. I know I’m late at getting it, but hey, I’m at least doing it. Right now, I’m doing the prep classes. And as I finish each subject in the prep textbook, I’m going to take each test and knock them down one at a time. I’ve already been going to classes, so that’s already done.

After I get my GED, I’m hoping to start school at Specs Howard. This has been talked about for a while, but it’s actually getting done now. It’s kind of interesting how since I’ve been going to class, I’ve felt a lot better about myself. It’s crazy how something as small as taking steps in the right direction can make you feel so good. The coolest thing is, I’ve been talking with someone at Specs Howard already, and she told me I could get things started there so when I get my GED, I can start as soon as the next semester. The entrance exam I take for the school is good for a year, so if I take it in January, next month, it will be good for the entire year. So I won’t have to take it again. So, I’m going to do that within the month, maybe when conditions aren’t so terrible to drive in.

Another thing I plan on starting in 2017 is more LPs! So, I actually got around to messing with my SHIELD, I mean really looking through what I can do with it. And I found a few free games to play on it and discovered there is a recording feature, as well as the ability to use a USB webcam to do a face cam with. And with that info and the fact that I have the pro version of the SHIELD, so I have plenty of space on it to record 20-25 minute LPs. All I have to do is find a load of free games to play, and maybe get some suggestions for some paid games to invest in to do LPs with as well. So, that’ll definitely be a thing.

To celebrate how well I’ve done, I actually got something I don’t normally get. I mean, since it is New Years and all. I don’t drink often, but for NYE I got some Smirnoff Ice Screwdrivers. Probably was my favourite mixed drink when I actually did drink. But, since it’s not as high in alcohol, I figured it’d be fine. I mean, I probably won’t even drink more than two anyway, so I’m not real worried. It’s been over a year since I’ve had any liquor at all, from time to time I’d get some Mike’s Hard or Strongbow, but even then I never really drank enough to get drunk. I’ve basked in my glory of how good I’ve done with all of this. Straightening your life out is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but not impossible. But, if you want to be better, it’s a necessary thing to do. So, that’s something I will continue to do throughout this next year as well.

Today is a gorgeous first day of the year, so I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to enjoy the weather while it’s nice because the winter can be unpredictable sometimes. And with the snow gone except the big piles where they plowed the road and parking lots, it’s very nice. Plus, it’s above freezing at the moment.

Until next time…

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