New Logo Header

I changed the logo header. The pentacle is a design I put together, and the phoenix, well, it represents me. I always rise from the ashes of another life. From my past lives. I have died and came back. And I’m not wasting this life now. I’m going to make something of myself. I’m already doing the GED and passed one test. Three to go, then I’m off to school to get a career. I’m working on getting a job now too. I’ve applied everywhere. Had a few interviews, but nothing yet. I will get something sometime. Just have to wait, and I hate waiting. I’m an impatient person. And I have plans, just have to have money for them.

Besides that, I’m working on other stuff too… vlogs have started at and my gaming channel is Subscribe, please and thank you! I need subscribers to get a custom URL on them. I started a Chip’s Challenge LP series, using the new version of the game on Steam. And I’m doing vlogs from time to time. My move back to Georgia in a couple of years will be documented on there too.

So, that’s it for now… until next time guys!