Where The Hell Have I Been?

That is a great question. So, where the hell have I been? I’ll tell you. I’ve been quite busy lately, and haven’t been able to update. It’s been pretty insane here lately. But some new stuff has come up. I have created a few new bots in my chat, anyone can check them out by going to the chat page, which is under the “home” menu selection as a sub menu item. The client, which is KiwiIRC, works on computers and mobile devices alike. Better on tablets rather than smartphones, though. But you can use smartphones. It’s just more compact. So, there is a quote bot, which has a trigger (!quote) and it will send a random quote into the channel. But, this is not to be abused, as in not using it to flood the channel. Plus, I am still populating the quotes file with quotes, and there’s not very many yet. As soon as I get a ton of quotes, I will probably get rid of the trigger and have it send a random quote to the channel every ten minutes or so. Besides that, I also have a roast bot. Which, of course, is exactly what it sounds like. It’ll roast someone of your choice. The trigger (!roast username) is used to do so. It goes without saying that this also should not be abused. If it is, the bot will be turned off. And the third one I made is a shoutout bot, which, again is pretty much what it sounds like. The trigger (!shoutout) will basically respond with a shoutout to whoever triggered it. Shoutouts are compliments, while roasts are insults. Then there are the other two bots I’ve always had, which are the game bot and management bot. The shoutout bot also has a greeting script that I wrote that greets anyone who joins. Everything is done accordingly.

Besides that, I’m one step closer to where I want to be. And also, in about two years I’ll be saying goodbye to this god forsaken state of Michigan. Possibly heading back to my home state of Georgia. I’m thinking maybe around the Gainesville area or Athens. I haven’t really decided yet. Either way, I plan on hopefully getting a job at a local radio station when I get back down there. By then I’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to. Of course, I may not land a DJ job immediately, but I can always work up to that. I’m definitely willing to work my way up the ladder. I know sometimes you have to do that to get to where you want to be. And of course there will be a shit ton of other projects in the works too. And of course, I will be documenting my move back via vlogs as well. I can’t forget that. Since the mistake of deciding to come up here, I seriously cannot wait to be back where I consider home. Anywhere around the Atlanta area. Plus, I have family there as well. And it’d be nice to see my uncle again. He and I have a lot of the same issues. And I feel we could help each other out. Because honestly, I look up to him. He may not know it, or maybe he does. But, we’ve been trying to end our lives, but somehow we’re both still here. And I think that reason is because we have something still left to do here. There’s no other explanation for it, really.

Also, I’m getting ready to start writing my life experienced. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s going to be raw, the realest of the real. From my birth to parents who didn’t want me really. Or chose someone else over me, to my adoptive father who I considered my only father dying when I was eight years old. And the struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout life. And how I attempted suicide, died, and came back. It’s going to be a gut-wrenching page turner. I always said this… I was dealt a shit hand in life, so I spent a long time perfecting my poker face so people didn’t know what I was going through. Because I never wanted pity. I just wanted everything to end. But after I died, I now want to live. And tell about my experiences. I believe it’s very important. And I want people to know my story. This is a long time in planning and writing, and editing, and re-writing. But when I’m done. I’ll make sure people hear my story of how I started at the bottom but aimed for the top, and I won’t stop until I’m at the top screaming that life is worth it. Life is beautiful. Don’t waste it. Help people, change the world. This is my mission. And I’m going to start this shit very very soon. So watch out for that. I’ll probably post little tidbits here and there throughout my updates. Piece them together, and you may figure things out before most people do. Remember, you only live once… make you story a good one. Make your mark in this world. Be remembered when you really are gone. Be a hero. Inspire people! I care about everyone who have been where I have been. And I want people to know the fighting, the clawing of your demons to get to the light that you know is there. Keep fighting, my friends! And anyone who comes against you, ignore them. They want you to fail. Prove those fuckers wrong! Succeed in life, and they’ll be nothing after that!

This is my ending. I hope someone gets something out of this. Don’t give up. There are people who care. You just have to find them. And when you do, don’t ever let go. Friends like that are hard to come by. So, keep them in your circle.