New Year Underway – 2019 Edition

I know, I know. I haven’t been around much. Life has been insanely busy, and time, well, there’s just not enough of it to go around. Hopefully 2019 will be easier to manage time with. Since, I’m getting used to working quite a bit, but if things go the way I’m hoping, that may change within the next year. Well, at least at retail stores. I’ll still have a job, but it won’t be as stressful or as exhausting. Hours may be longer, but it’ll pay off. I’m not going to say much about that just yet, though. I’m not going to say something only for it to fall through, which has happened so many times before.

Regardless, I’ve had a decent (for the most part) job for the past nine months, and I’ve done a lot of upgrading on stuff. Also have had a girlfriend for the past six months (consecutive not accumulated). So, there’s that. I have to say, things are getting quite a bit better. It’s never an overnight change and it’s something you have to keep working on. But it’ll happen. Good things come to those who wait, but not lazily.

I’m going to spend a lot of time (pun, I think) trying to manage time better. Maybe that’s more irony than a pun. This year I’m hoping to at least be able to get more done. Since I’ve been so active and managed to drop like sixty pounds, I’ve felt a lot better, and been able to do more than before. So, I want to take it farther. I’m hoping that the plans set actually have substance. It’d be nice for something to actually work out.

I’m still not gone, and I took way too long to write this, despite the fact I started it before the new year. I couldn’t decide how I wanted it all, and so I just kept lagging until I realized that I overthink everything. I’m admittedly a perfectionist, so I’ll keep from doing anything until it’s perfect, which is something I need to stop. I need to be able to just throw things out there as is, and just let it become what it will through trial and error outside of the box I keep it in. I may need help reminding myself of that.

Regardless, I hope everyone had a great new year, and I hope 2019 is amazing for everyone. And I hope everyone has peace about any decision they need to make, and not overthink it. Take a risk, do something new, make 2019 a year to remember, yeah? And obviously not for bad reasons.

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