New Year, Same Crazy F**ker

Nope. Just because there’s a new year, 2018, doesn’t mean I’m going to change. Maybe certain aspects of my life, but me in general, I’m going to stay the same crazy mofo.

So, what are Max’s 2018 plans? It seems I ask myself this every year. I may not get everything I plan for each new year done. But, there has been progress. So, for this year, it’ll be to keep progressing and start new projects as time and resources become available. And as for the things I’ll be doing online. It’ll be game streams weeknights, and continuing to build my brand. The brand, of course, being Agents of Khaos.

The opportunity arose for me to start a fresh YouTube channel for different projects. I’m not going into detail on that, but it allows me to branch out more, instead of just using the same channel for everything. So, I’m going to use Twitch for streaming games, and YouTube for edited versions of the streams. The Twitch streams will be Mondays and Wednesdays (Khaos Plays Retro), for retro games. Like older NES, SNES, Sega, etc. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be whatever I decide to play modern game wise. Eventually leading up to streaming League of Legends. Since I’m a newbie at League at the moment, I figured I’d work on my skills before deciding to just bullshit a lot in actual games. And Fridays will be either remixed or hopefully eventually I can do Fridays games with my brother (and maybe brother’s boyfriend as well sometimes). The smaller wrinkles are still being ironed out. Time wise, I was doing 10:30-12am Eastern (Detroit). Though, times on some days may change depending on work schedules and whatnot.

Later this year, I also plan on starting a YouTube podcast. Just doing live YouTube streams. That way exposure is higher in the likely department. I’ve already started planning that one. Me and my sister are working to get interviews lined up. We already have a possibility on Todd Haberkorn. He gave us contact info to set it up. Well, he gave HER the info. lol Semantics.

I have also finally decided on what I’m going to study in college, and also the college I’m attending. I found a school online that I can get a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity in half the time than most traditional colleges. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that it’s not a legit school. It is, I have checked on it, and they are accredited. They are even accredited for the FBI. As in, if I got the degree, I could potentially work for the FBI as a cybersecurity expert. The reason I can get the degree in half the time is that the school has an all year round curriculum. Meaning they don’t have breaks for spring, summer, Christmas. Not that I couldn’t spend Christmas or even part of the summer with friends and family. But that I would still have the school work to do. But, in my opinion, it’s worth it.

And all of these are realistic goals. I also have to say that therapy helps. In all of the bullshit that I have been through the last ten years, plus the shit I deal with from the past is slowly getting resolved. It’s just little steps, but things are getting better.

Anywho, so now you know what’s going on. Things are happening behind the scenes to get ready for things front and center. Khaos Plays Retro is going on now. The first stream was Wednesday the 17th. Next stream for that is going to be tonight because there’s nothing else to do since there are still things in the works. I am setting up a website for all of this stuff, and I will post the link on social media as soon as it’s all done.

So, until next time, Agents.

Pokemon GO!

Okay, the title kind of sucks.. but I can’t think of anything witty at this point in time. My brain is dead lately, due to not being able to sleep, and even when I do, I don’t rest, I wake up still as exhausted.

But, anyway, I’ve been a Pokemon fan for quite some time. My brother used to have a shit ton of cards when he was younger, and we’d have fun with them way back when. So, naturally, when GO came out, I had to get it. I had been waiting for it for a while, since it had been announced. But, managed to forget about it until just before it was officially released here in the states. My friends in other countries don’t have it yet, officially. So, not many have posted about it. But, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun playing it. In the complex I live at here in Michigan, there’s two Pokestops and a gym. They’re like right at the office building, so I either walk, or drive the car up there.

But, in less than a week, I’ve met more people playing it than I’ve met in a long time. And people make shit comments like “people should have been out socializing before now”.. well, there’s this thing known as anxiety, that has infected quite a few people in the last 20 years. And only those with it understand it. I hate the ignorance of those who don’t even /try/ to understand it. As I’ve said before, the fact that you have a common known interest makes the environment a LOT easier to strike up a conversation when you have anxiety.

That aside, this game has great potential. Being a player of Ingress (Niantic’s other geolocation game), this is bound to be a huge phenomenon (as it already is). The amount of people playing, causing the servers to crash tells you. Apparently, Google’s Niantic Labs wasn’t quite prepared for that. I guess they didn’t realize how many people actually like Pokemon. But the fact that the games didn’t require internet or servers to play means that they couldn’t gauge just how much of a load they’d take.

As an ending I’m just going to say what a friend of mine has said before. Don’t be friends with anyone who is aggressively elitist over their team. Anyone should be able to choose whatever team they want, and not shit talk the other. Joking is okay, however. As I do.

Also, expect an episode of The Max Evans Program about Pokemon GO and the most interesting things about it.. that will be coming in a few days. So, BE PREPARED!!