Learning Is FUNdamental!

So, I know some people aren’t as good as writing as others are. So, I have taken it upon myself to take some creative writing courses. Not only to sharpen my writing skills but also it may help me start writing stories again. I have an idea for a story series I plan on posting on here someday. So, I’m doing that. There’s a lot going on lately, but I prefer not to publicize my personal life. I know you all can agree to keep some things from the public. Some personal matters are not everyone’s business, am I right?

So, that aside, I may have a job soon. It’s not set in stone, and there may be some unconquerable obstacles. But, we shall see not long from now. So, pray, send thoughts, whatever you believe in and do, I would appreciate it. I really need this. I need to get my MMA training going along, plus hopefully maybe signing up for the Six Packs of Peaks challenge next year. If anyone doesn’t know what that is, go here: https://socalhiker.net/a-six-pack-of-peaks/.

I plan on doing great things fairly soon, so definitely stay tuned and visit regularly so you don’t miss the godlike things this God Of Khaos will be doing.

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Yes, it is very frightful. The idea of snow may seem nice, but having to drive in it… well, that’s a totally different thing altogether. The snow itself is pretty to look at but put yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle after it just starts, and you’ll be pulling your hair out by the time you get to your destination. It’s not even the other cars on the road, it’s more maintaining control over the one you’re driving while you’re driving it while watching every other vehicle around you. It’s rather exhausting, really.

So, today (December 15, 2016) I woke up to a great surprise. My new drip tip and 18650’s for my vape came in today. Sad story, the rings on the original drip tip for my SMOK TFV8 weren’t fitting as tight as it was when it was new. And of course, I kept forgetting to replace the rings, and the drip tip fell off in a Meijer parking lot. It was dark, and I looked for about ten minutes, and I didn’t find it. So, I was using the 510 drip tip that came with my TFV4 along with the adapter for the TFV8. I now have another wide bore drip tip. It’s a resin drip tip, so it can’t handle high temperatures, but it works for what I need it for so I’m definitely not complaining. Plus, the design of it is pretty badass. And the batteries, well they are pretty great. They’re rated at 20A whereas my other ones were 10A. They handle higher wattages a lot better. And the coil I’m using can handle up to 260W, my mod can only go to 250, but I never go over 100.

On another note, I’ve been playing my Xbox a lot more now than I did before. Since it snowed, I haven’t wanted to go anywhere, because I hate driving in the snow, and on freezing nights when there’s likely to be ice on the roads. So, I’ve been staying in and playing games. I got Forza Horizon free with Games with Gold, and I’ve been playing it. I also have my 1TB external hard drive connected to my Xbox so I can install more games. Eventually, I plan on getting a 4 or 5TB hard drive for it. The 5TB is $115. Which isn’t a bad price at all. I figured what I’d do is just buy the downloadable games and just install them on my Xbox. That way, I won’t have to deal with physical discs and keeping up with them and making sure they don’t get scratched, etc.

Also, the coolest thing happened. So, I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Model: SM-T807A). To explain the model numbers, each firmware for each model is different. So, each firmware has to match the model number. Such as the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab S is model number SM-T800. The T-Mobile version is SM-T807T. And so on and so forth. So, because I have the AT&T one, for some odd reason (probably just because AT&T is very stingy and such and decided not to release the firmware anywhere online accessible by consumers) you cannot find the firmware for model SM-T807A. I contacted AT&T support, and they told me that it was against policy to discuss it. So then I contacted Samsung support who told me to take it to Best Buy and they’d take care of it. And when I did, they told me they couldn’t flash the firmware to the device. So, I decided to be diligent about it and keep looking using different terms, keywords, etc. And FINALLY, after about two weeks of searching, I finally found a source online that had the download to the Lollipop version of the firmware I needed. Which was fine, because I could just upgrade to the Marshmallow version from that OTA, which I did. So, just to let anyone know, if any of my readers have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 AT&T LTE model and it somehow gets soft bricked. I have the firmware; It’s tucked away on my hard drive backed up somewhere, at least the Lollipop version. From there, you can easily upgrade the firmware OTA.

Besides all of that, I’ll be writing up my New Years post, as always. I try to do that every year, but sometimes I fail to do so. Here are my New Years plans. Playing Outlast while watching New Years coverage on my tablet. While having snacks and such, can’t forget that shiz. So, a night of Twitch and New Years! Sounds like a definite plan to me. How will you guys celebrate? Will anyone be joining me? You know, if you have nothing to do, I’ll keep you company. Nobody deserves to be alone on New Years. So, come on by my website, guys!

Until next time! See ya!

Pokemon GO!

Okay, the title kind of sucks.. but I can’t think of anything witty at this point in time. My brain is dead lately, due to not being able to sleep, and even when I do, I don’t rest, I wake up still as exhausted.

But, anyway, I’ve been a Pokemon fan for quite some time. My brother used to have a shit ton of cards when he was younger, and we’d have fun with them way back when. So, naturally, when GO came out, I had to get it. I had been waiting for it for a while, since it had been announced. But, managed to forget about it until just before it was officially released here in the states. My friends in other countries don’t have it yet, officially. So, not many have posted about it. But, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun playing it. In the complex I live at here in Michigan, there’s two Pokestops and a gym. They’re like right at the office building, so I either walk, or drive the car up there.

But, in less than a week, I’ve met more people playing it than I’ve met in a long time. And people make shit comments like “people should have been out socializing before now”.. well, there’s this thing known as anxiety, that has infected quite a few people in the last 20 years. And only those with it understand it. I hate the ignorance of those who don’t even /try/ to understand it. As I’ve said before, the fact that you have a common known interest makes the environment a LOT easier to strike up a conversation when you have anxiety.

That aside, this game has great potential. Being a player of Ingress (Niantic’s other geolocation game), this is bound to be a huge phenomenon (as it already is). The amount of people playing, causing the servers to crash tells you. Apparently, Google’s Niantic Labs wasn’t quite prepared for that. I guess they didn’t realize how many people actually like Pokemon. But the fact that the games didn’t require internet or servers to play means that they couldn’t gauge just how much of a load they’d take.

As an ending I’m just going to say what a friend of mine has said before. Don’t be friends with anyone who is aggressively elitist over their team. Anyone should be able to choose whatever team they want, and not shit talk the other. Joking is okay, however. As I do.

Also, expect an episode of The Max Evans Program about Pokemon GO and the most interesting things about it.. that will be coming in a few days. So, BE PREPARED!!

The Launch Of Fast.com From Netflix (My First Impressions)

This one was pretty interesting. So, I keep up with stuff as often as I am able to, with the changes that will be made in my life within the next six months, I may or may not be able to post as often about things like this. So, I figured I’d take advantage of this opportunity here to give my first impressions of Fast.com, which is a tool launched by Netflix to basically check your download speeds. There’s even a link on the website that lets you compare results from SpeedTest.net (which, honestly.. I think was a downfall for them). I’ll explain why I say that too.

There are a few aspects that they didn’t add to this tool. As anyone who knows anything about internet speeds, you know that the further you are from a server, the slower the speed will be between client (your computer) and server. And, SpeedTest has a way to check speeds between servers around the world, giving you an idea of what your speeds will be from servers around the world. Same goes with your ping times. Every detail like that will tell you a lot about your connection. Which is why I think Fast.com needs to start developing more to it. So, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to break down all of this stuff to show why each little detail is important.

Here we see a screenshot of Fast.com (respectively, my connection speed).


Now, the only problem here is, it only shows one little aspect of your connection. The download speed. I guess in general, this is great for those who don’t know much about different details of their connection. If they only want to see what their download speeds are. But, as for me, and a lot of other people like me, I like to not only know what my download speed is, but my upload speed and ping times are. These details give me more information about my connection, from any device, whether it be my laptop on wi-fi at home, or on wi-fi anywhere else, or my phone on the data network, or on wi-fi anywhere else.

Now check this screenshot of SpeedTest.net.


Now, the fact that they provide a link to compare results means that they obviously want to be on par with SpeedTest. So, I will reiterate, little details that Fast.com have left out of the official launch, make it harder to know much about your connection. All it shows it download speed, looking at this screenshot of SpeedTest, you can see not only is the download speed faster, but it also shows upload speed and ping time. Which, as I mentioned are details that give more information about the connection.

Basically, what I think they should do to improve the tool, is add more details. They should at least have multi server support, as well as IP, upload speed and ping time. And they could add even more to it to try to be an actual competitor to SpeedTest. I mean, the rule of any business to be successful is to give your customers (or in this case clients) an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Otherwise, you’re just creating a clone of a clone of a clone. And nothing’s getting better, just copypasta all over the place.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried it? What did you think of your result? I could go on with the questions, but I still want to know your thoughts on this.