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Random Thoughts®

It’s just a little passed five am now, and I’m watching tv on my tablet while typing this. I’m really not paying much attention to what’s on, it’s just mainly for the noise. But then again, my fan makes  ― I believe it’s pink noise. It has a slightly lower tone than white noise. It’s just …

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Random Thoughts™

I was sitting outside the other day, and saw the coolest sunset ever. So, I decided to take a picture of it and share it. But I didn’t share it on Instagram or Facebook or any other site. I saved it for sharing on here. Only because this sunset made me think. So, without further …

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This Crazy World

In this crazy wide world we live in, nothing comes free. Nothing comes easy. Stress is always available, and relaxation is something nobody gets. Because in this crazy world we live in, we own nothing, the government owns us, and the products we buy are owned by the corporations that make them. In this crazy …

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