New Year Underway – 2019 Edition

I know, I know. I haven’t been around much. Life has been insanely busy, and time, well, there’s just not enough of it to go around. Hopefully 2019 will be easier to manage time with. Since, I’m getting used to working quite a bit, but if things go the way I’m hoping, that may change within the next year. Well, at least at retail stores. I’ll still have a job, but it won’t be as stressful or as exhausting. Hours may be longer, but it’ll pay off. I’m not going to say much about that just yet, though. I’m not going to say something only for it to fall through, which has happened so many times before.

Regardless, I’ve had a decent (for the most part) job for the past nine months, and I’ve done a lot of upgrading on stuff. Also have had a girlfriend for the past six months (consecutive not accumulated). So, there’s that. I have to say, things are getting quite a bit better. It’s never an overnight change and it’s something you have to keep working on. But it’ll happen. Good things come to those who wait, but not lazily.

I’m going to spend a lot of time (pun, I think) trying to manage time better. Maybe that’s more irony than a pun. This year I’m hoping to at least be able to get more done. Since I’ve been so active and managed to drop like sixty pounds, I’ve felt a lot better, and been able to do more than before. So, I want to take it farther. I’m hoping that the plans set actually have substance. It’d be nice for something to actually work out.

I’m still not gone, and I took way too long to write this, despite the fact I started it before the new year. I couldn’t decide how I wanted it all, and so I just kept lagging until I realized that I overthink everything. I’m admittedly a perfectionist, so I’ll keep from doing anything until it’s perfect, which is something I need to stop. I need to be able to just throw things out there as is, and just let it become what it will through trial and error outside of the box I keep it in. I may need help reminding myself of that.

Regardless, I hope everyone had a great new year, and I hope 2019 is amazing for everyone. And I hope everyone has peace about any decision they need to make, and not overthink it. Take a risk, do something new, make 2019 a year to remember, yeah? And obviously not for bad reasons.

You Have Reached Level 30: 365 XP To Level 31

Wow, yet again, my fucking birthday comes along. I can’t say I’ve done a lot with my life because I was dealt a shit hand in life, and had so much insecurity due to it that I never went anywhere. Though, as I’ve posted before, I am now. I’m planning things in advance, up to a few years from now. Guess time will tell if I’m successful at everything I want to achieve. I’m pretty sure I can, as long as I set my mind to it and never back down. There are a few things I’ve already started, so that’s a thing. Then a few things I want to do later as well. 

One thing I’d love to do is be able to go on hunting trips. I’d love for Steven Rinella to take me out on my first hunt. The main reason why is that he takes the time to explain everything. And for those who don’t know who he is, he’s a hunter and outdoorsman who hosts the show MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel. I first heard about him back in 2011 when I watched Travel Channel a lot, and he had a show on there called The Wild Within. I fell in love with the guy (not romantically) because the way he did things changed my views on meat hunting. Which, for those who knew me growing up, it’s weird. I was never into hunting at all growing up, but watching his show made me think about it differently. Plus, wild game being leaner, it’s more healthy than most you get at the store. Plus, he has some pretty awesome recipes I’d love to try too. And I’d love to try things that most people wouldn’t think of trying. Such as tongue and even hearts. So, that’s a thing. I’m hoping to get his attention. Maybe I’ll succeed in that. Hey, everything is worth a shot.

Also, I get to try a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a few years now. What is that restaurant, you ask? It is Primanti Bros. which is a Pittsburgh restaurant. They have locations in several states, and just recently opened two close to where I live here in Michigan. So, that’s going to be awesome! I’ll update about how I liked it soon. I kind of want to do a review about it anyway. Since a lot of reviews online seem to be negative. Though the reviews are mixed, so I’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy my birthday. So… as always, until next time!

Healthy Is The New Thing For 2017

I am extremely ecstatic (extremely being a qualifier that does fit, because I am way beyond ecstatic) right now. I don’t make new years resolutions because typically they go unfinished, or forgotten. And about 90% of people who say this “new year new me” bullshit always tend to stay the same. So, I have some amazing news that I just have to share, because it has made me so happy to the point that I’m overly excited. What is it, you ask? Well, within the last year, more like a little over a year, I started becoming more active.Because I decided to start exercising and taking better care of myself. Starting in October of 2015, I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking, and I started walking. At that point, my weight was around 220-230. At that point, I decided something had to be done. So, I swore off alcohol and cigarettes for good, and have yet to have any liquor or cigarettes since October 31, 2015. I counted the day.

Since then, I continuously took walks and tried to build my way up to maybe two miles per day. I am now up to close to four miles per day. Not all at once, mind you, but sporadically throughout the day. And even then, I have done incredibly wonderful. These pictures will show my results of what I’ve been doing. And again, I will say, I am in no way trying to be ugly or mean. But I find the fact that I’m doing SO much better and my exes, well, they’re the same. How do I know? I don’t stalk them, but from time to time, I check to see what they’re up to. And even seeing my first ex from up here last November, she’s still the same, no weight loss, nothing. So, in my sadistic mind, I find that oddly comforting, because I, on the other hand, have done my best to be a better person. Not only as a person but also being more healthy so I have a good life. The point to this post is to show off my accomplishments. And I’ll show a before and after from 2015 to 2016, and then now. So without further adieu, here is the proof. And those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook have already seen it.

As you can see back in 2015, around November, I looked pudgy and slightly overweight.
Now, looking at the next one, from November of 2016, my face is smaller, and I look a LOT less overweight.

Now, check this out. These were taken last night (January 13, 2017).

Now, this makes me extremely happy. Those who have known me in the past know that I aways had a gut that stuck out, making it look like I had a beer belly, even though I never drank beer. (Only because I hate beer). But, my stomach is almost completely flat.
This alone has boosted my self-esteem by like 1000%. And I am really starting to like the way I look now. And no, I was not sucking it in. That’s just the way it is normally now. But there are a few factors that have helped me gain this achievement. One, I’m no longer drinking, which is very well known to cause weight gain. Fifteen months of not drinking, plus the exercise I’ve been doing, as well as eating more healthier all have a part in this. And I’m going to continue to do this so that I look my best.

And honestly, I don’t want to look like I’m fat, or that I have a beer belly or anything. Plus, getting leaner also helps reduce the risk of hereditary diseases, such as diabetes, liver problems, high blood pressure, etc. I’m on a mission to be in the best shape I can possibly be. And no, I did not do any special diet that you see on tv (because 99% of those are not only expensive as shit, but also they don’t always have the same results every time). It’s not what diet you do because the majority of those diets just give you false hope. And then when it doesn’t work as they claim it will, you get frustrated and sometimes even depressed over it. The secret is limiting what you eat. Cut out fried foods (not entirely, just don’t eat them all the time), as well as cutting down on sodium and sugar intake. Because sugar can retain fat, and sodium can cause high blood pressure and even heart problems later in life if you eat a lot of it. Especially ramen, and I’ll be the first to admit, I absolutely love ramen. But, if you ever look at the nutritional facts of it, it’s 1,000MG or more of sodium. Which is basically a heart attack in a serving. It may be cheap, but the question is, is it worth fucking up your system because it’s cheap and even good?

So, basically, this post is to inspire people to take care of themselves. Your body is beautiful no matter what. But when you’re overweight, there are risks of heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. And that’s just a few of the issues. If you’re overweight, and you’re trying to be healthy, that’s one thing. But if you’re overweight, and glorify it claiming your body is beautiful even being overweight… that’s another thing. I’m not saying you’re not beautiful. I’m just saying some things are not healthy. And being healthy is key. And when you live a sedentary lifestyle, that tends to lead to an early death.

So, I hope some people get something out of this. And maybe inspires you to be more healthy so that you can live a long and happy life.

So, until next time, guys! I will see you later!

Max Talks New Years: 2017 Edition

So, it’s that time again. New Years Eve/Day. The time people make inane promises to themselves that they never keep that they call resolutions. Me? I’m going to focus on achievable goals, like one I’m working on right now, which is getting my GED. I know I’m late at getting it, but hey, I’m at least doing it. Right now, I’m doing the prep classes. And as I finish each subject in the prep textbook, I’m going to take each test and knock them down one at a time. I’ve already been going to classes, so that’s already done.

After I get my GED, I’m hoping to start school at Specs Howard. This has been talked about for a while, but it’s actually getting done now. It’s kind of interesting how since I’ve been going to class, I’ve felt a lot better about myself. It’s crazy how something as small as taking steps in the right direction can make you feel so good. The coolest thing is, I’ve been talking with someone at Specs Howard already, and she told me I could get things started there so when I get my GED, I can start as soon as the next semester. The entrance exam I take for the school is good for a year, so if I take it in January, next month, it will be good for the entire year. So I won’t have to take it again. So, I’m going to do that within the month, maybe when conditions aren’t so terrible to drive in.

Another thing I plan on starting in 2017 is more LPs! So, I actually got around to messing with my SHIELD, I mean really looking through what I can do with it. And I found a few free games to play on it and discovered there is a recording feature, as well as the ability to use a USB webcam to do a face cam with. And with that info and the fact that I have the pro version of the SHIELD, so I have plenty of space on it to record 20-25 minute LPs. All I have to do is find a load of free games to play, and maybe get some suggestions for some paid games to invest in to do LPs with as well. So, that’ll definitely be a thing.

To celebrate how well I’ve done, I actually got something I don’t normally get. I mean, since it is New Years and all. I don’t drink often, but for NYE I got some Smirnoff Ice Screwdrivers. Probably was my favourite mixed drink when I actually did drink. But, since it’s not as high in alcohol, I figured it’d be fine. I mean, I probably won’t even drink more than two anyway, so I’m not real worried. It’s been over a year since I’ve had any liquor at all, from time to time I’d get some Mike’s Hard or Strongbow, but even then I never really drank enough to get drunk. I’ve basked in my glory of how good I’ve done with all of this. Straightening your life out is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but not impossible. But, if you want to be better, it’s a necessary thing to do. So, that’s something I will continue to do throughout this next year as well.

Today is a gorgeous first day of the year, so I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to enjoy the weather while it’s nice because the winter can be unpredictable sometimes. And with the snow gone except the big piles where they plowed the road and parking lots, it’s very nice. Plus, it’s above freezing at the moment.

Until next time…

Frohe Weihnachten, Geseënde Kersfees, God Jul, Merry Christmas

The title is Merry Christmas in four languages. In order from left to right, German, Afrikaans, Swedish, and English. I find learning about different cultures very fascinating. So, I’ve spent since 2012 saying those particular phrases in those languages. And I also learn about the cultures of each language. It’s kind of cool, actually.

This year was a pretty good year, despite the fact I had not been feeling the Christmas spirit this year at all. Mainly because so far the month has been pretty shitty. Only because the first half of the month I was sick as hell, then it snows and gets icy, I end up falling outside and bruising my lung, or something, I don’t know. But either way, it hurts like hell. Of course, I’m not letting that get me down. I just use some instant heat packs, they seem to help. The only problem is, it’s those ones you have to boil to reset the chemical inside that turns to hot gel. Of course, you can use it right after that, given that you wrap it in a towel or something, then when it gets too cool, just snap the metal disc, and voila, more heat. It’s not all that bad. But today was pretty decent, all things considered. I got a Deadpool mug, a Deadpool hoodie, and Deadpool pajama pants. The only thing I need now to complete the ensemble is a Deadpool shirt, and maybe some Deadpool slipper socks. Then I can add a Deadpool beanie to the mix, and I’d be all set. I got other things too, but those were probably my favourites out of them all, to be honest. I definitely got a good surprise this year.

Since most of the family was sick, we didn’t bother putting up a tree this year. And the benefit to that is that we don’t have to take it down. So, less work if you think about it. Course, it didn’t really bother me much this year. As I said earlier, I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit this year, so that played a part in it as well.

Anyway, I’m sorry this post was a little late. Christmas day was pretty busy. But I’ll be working on my New Years post from now until the end of the year.

As always, until next time. Have a great day!

One Hundred Day Vlog Challenge

I decided to challenge myself as of the first of next month (May 1, 2015) to do a one hundred day vlog challenge. I ordered an HD camcorder that I’ll be using for it. It’ll be an all day vlog. Where I start recording in the morning and have various scenes throughout the day. And I hope to keep going after the one hundred days. I’ll at least stick to the one hundred days first, then see about going further. I want to keep it a daily thing for a long time. But we’ll see.


I challenge my friends to do one hundred days of vlogging. See what you get, and see what you think and maybe get into it more. Let’s find out what happens together, maybe. =)


I know I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been extremely depressed lately, and most of my friends would have noticed this due to me not being very talkative. But I’m slowly starting to get better again. Soon I’ll be good enough to visit my friend in Ann Arbor. It’s only 17 miles each way to see him. And I know where he lives, I’ve been there once, last year.



Note to self: Don’t call someone a faggot using Facebook or else you’ll get post blocked for 24 hours. The sad thing is, I didn’t mean anything other than the guy was a faggot. How is that offensive?



You know, dealing with personal stuff with depression can give you a lot of inspiration to write. I’ve started writing songs for when I form a band. I’m not even telling the band name yet. Because I’m trying to decide between two names. I’ve enlisted help from my brother, since he’s going to be in my band. So we’ll decide soon enough. As soon as I move back to Atlanta, I’m going to find some people who play instruments to join my band. That’ll be in a little over a year, after I finish school, so I can get a job at a local radio station in Atlanta, hopefully Project 9-6-1. That’s my favorite station ever besides 89X in Detroit.



Speaking of Atlanta, I want to try Sublime Donuts. It’s a local donut shop in Atlanta that my brother told me about. I looked through their donuts on their website, and they look really good.



Well, it’s like 6 am and I’m tired. So this is it for this post. I’ll post again real soon. Nighty night. =)