Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Yes, it is very frightful. The idea of snow may seem nice, but having to drive in it… well, that’s a totally different thing altogether. The snow itself is pretty to look at but put yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle after it just starts, and you’ll be pulling your hair out by the time you get to your destination. It’s not even the other cars on the road, it’s more maintaining control over the one you’re driving while you’re driving it while watching every other vehicle around you. It’s rather exhausting, really.

So, today (December 15, 2016) I woke up to a great surprise. My new drip tip and 18650’s for my vape came in today. Sad story, the rings on the original drip tip for my SMOK TFV8 weren’t fitting as tight as it was when it was new. And of course, I kept forgetting to replace the rings, and the drip tip fell off in a Meijer parking lot. It was dark, and I looked for about ten minutes, and I didn’t find it. So, I was using the 510 drip tip that came with my TFV4 along with the adapter for the TFV8. I now have another wide bore drip tip. It’s a resin drip tip, so it can’t handle high temperatures, but it works for what I need it for so I’m definitely not complaining. Plus, the design of it is pretty badass. And the batteries, well they are pretty great. They’re rated at 20A whereas my other ones were 10A. They handle higher wattages a lot better. And the coil I’m using can handle up to 260W, my mod can only go to 250, but I never go over 100.

On another note, I’ve been playing my Xbox a lot more now than I did before. Since it snowed, I haven’t wanted to go anywhere, because I hate driving in the snow, and on freezing nights when there’s likely to be ice on the roads. So, I’ve been staying in and playing games. I got Forza Horizon free with Games with Gold, and I’ve been playing it. I also have my 1TB external hard drive connected to my Xbox so I can install more games. Eventually, I plan on getting a 4 or 5TB hard drive for it. The 5TB is $115. Which isn’t a bad price at all. I figured what I’d do is just buy the downloadable games and just install them on my Xbox. That way, I won’t have to deal with physical discs and keeping up with them and making sure they don’t get scratched, etc.

Also, the coolest thing happened. So, I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Model: SM-T807A). To explain the model numbers, each firmware for each model is different. So, each firmware has to match the model number. Such as the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab S is model number SM-T800. The T-Mobile version is SM-T807T. And so on and so forth. So, because I have the AT&T one, for some odd reason (probably just because AT&T is very stingy and such and decided not to release the firmware anywhere online accessible by consumers) you cannot find the firmware for model SM-T807A. I contacted AT&T support, and they told me that it was against policy to discuss it. So then I contacted Samsung support who told me to take it to Best Buy and they’d take care of it. And when I did, they told me they couldn’t flash the firmware to the device. So, I decided to be diligent about it and keep looking using different terms, keywords, etc. And FINALLY, after about two weeks of searching, I finally found a source online that had the download to the Lollipop version of the firmware I needed. Which was fine, because I could just upgrade to the Marshmallow version from that OTA, which I did. So, just to let anyone know, if any of my readers have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 AT&T LTE model and it somehow gets soft bricked. I have the firmware; It’s tucked away on my hard drive backed up somewhere, at least the Lollipop version. From there, you can easily upgrade the firmware OTA.

Besides all of that, I’ll be writing up my New Years post, as always. I try to do that every year, but sometimes I fail to do so. Here are my New Years plans. Playing Outlast while watching New Years coverage on my tablet. While having snacks and such, can’t forget that shiz. So, a night of Twitch and New Years! Sounds like a definite plan to me. How will you guys celebrate? Will anyone be joining me? You know, if you have nothing to do, I’ll keep you company. Nobody deserves to be alone on New Years. So, come on by my website, guys!

Until next time! See ya!

Random Thoughts®

It’s just a little passed five am now, and I’m watching tv on my tablet while typing this. I’m really not paying much attention to what’s on, it’s just mainly for the noise. But then again, my fan makes  ― I believe it’s pink noise. It has a slightly lower tone than white noise. It’s just something that helps me sleep. When I am able to, and tired enough to.

But my thoughts are racing, and this website is my outlet. So, I leave you with some interesting thoughts, crude jokes, and sick humour. And if you don’t like it, you can shove it up your ass. Because I’m not going to conform to someone’s ideal person that I should be.

You know, I can’t help but laugh when people rage at me over an opposed opinion. I posted about CV a while back, and these people started saying all kinds of shit. The smoke coming though my laptop over the hot headed raging was insane. I almost thought my house was on fire. But then I realized it was just some butthurt fucks defending their worthless piece of shit “god” who runs the CV group. Oddly enough, one person agreed with me. Another problem I have with CV is the massive hivemind. One person says you’re wrong, everyone else piles up on top of you to back up whoever said you were wrong. Kind of like a clique of high school bullies. Honestly, I myself wouldn’t want that kind of rep online. Because eventually, that’ll be the downfall. Because eventually people are going to stop joining, and the only ones left will be the admins and the “favorites”. Make a community, make it friendly. If someone didn’t catch something on the “pinned” piece of shit, that doesn’t warrant a full on arsenal attack on the person, which is what happened to me, and a couple of other people I’ve talked to about it. As I said, community is key. CV is more like an empire who tosses people into a volcano because they missed something on the sticky piece of shit on the group page or don’t agree with them, and have an opposing opinion. And I stand by my opinion. And if you want to rage over it, go right ahead. Because the more you rage, the better I feel. And the more the hivemind shows. And I’ll most likely delete the comment without actually reading it. Either way, I wouldn’t want these guys as teachers, because they’d tell you that you’re a massive fucking moron for not knowing what you’re trying to learn in class.

Moving on, I’m headed to Georgia next month, from the 4th to the 11th. One week in my home state. I am definitely going to enjoy it. Not only because it’s where I spent a lot of my life there, but also to get away from here would be great. I could actually relax. I’ll be sleeping on a cot, which really doesn’t bother me. I just hope I have somewhere to put my laptop and tablet. My phone, I’m not worried about, because I can set it down on the floor while it’s charging. But either way, one thing I’ll get to do is GO TO ZAXBY’S! God, I miss that place. One of the reasons I can’t wait to move back down there. And since I’m the one that brought us up here.. I will NEVER move 700 miles for someone. It was the worst decision of my life. But either way, I’m doing a LOT better. No liquor or cigarettes since October of last year. And it’s coming up to the anniversary for it too. I am actually quite proud of the accomplishments over the last year. I’m more active, I eat more healthier, with a cheat here and there. I am not going to eat fast food much anymore, because I already have high blood pressure, and the sodium content in fast food is a recipe for disaster if you’re blood pressure is elevated. Plus, the calories.. my god. I do walk quite a bit now, and I’ve lost like 40 lbs just doing that. And that’s not even using any type of weight loss program. It’s just me being active.

I can’t help but think how I’m going to create the multiple podcasts I want to do. Since Mixlr only allows one podcast per account, and they suggest paying for another one. Which is a very shitty way to do business, if you ask me. But, what do I know? I’ll be looking for alternatives that will allow more than one podcast per account, and still streams live, and has an embedded player.

Also, guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much. There’s just been so much going on. As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to Georgia for a week, so I’ve been trying to get things ready. Like my room all straightened up and organized, clothes washed, etc. It’s been pretty hectic. But, I do have an announcement to make. But, you’ll have to wait.. remember patience like the stalker. =)  Either way, it’ll be pretty big. Especially with so many social networks out there for the type of thing I’m planning. I’m waiting around for now, to get things together, and to work with my site some to get posts to display right on pages.

Anywho, I’m about to fall asleep now, so I’m out. I’ll try my best to post more. I definitely will post while I’m in Georgia, and I’ll even take pictures and post them in a gallery on the posts.

Study On The Annual Intake Of Ionizing Radiation In A Vaper’s Lungs Compared To A Smoker’s Lungs

Okay, this is very important to me. I’m posting it here and on Urban Vape Kartel. I need people interested, like university people interested in doing a study on the annual intake of ionizing radiation of a vaper’s lungs compared to that of a smoker. Now, it’s already been studied on the intake of a smoker’s lungs, and that study found that the annual intake of ionizing radiation was 160,000 microsieverts (and that’s based on an average 1.5 packs a day smoker). And to put that into perspective, the average person’s annual intake is 2,000 microsieverts. Whereas astronauts are 80,000 microsieverts annually because they’re above the atmospheric protection of solar radiation. And even Chernobyl ranks lower at 43,800 microsieverts a year, more or less. The output of radiation is just barely over 5 microsieverts an hour, so I just rounded down and calculated it. So, it may not be completely exact, but you get the point.

Now, if you know me, you know I love doing research, which is how I came up with this idea. I was also doing research and found that cigarettes contain so much ionizing radiation because Polonium-210 and Lead-210 was heavily present in the fertilizers that farmers use to maximize their tobacco crops. Here’s what the CDC website says on this subject…

“Radioactive materials, like polonium-210 and lead-210 are found naturally in the soil and air. They are also found in the high-phosphate fertilizers that farmers use on their crops. Polonium-210 and lead-210 get into and onto tobacco leaves and remain there even after the tobacco has been processed.

When a smoker lights a cigarette and inhales the tobacco smoke, the toxic and radioactive substances in the smoke enter the lungs where they can cause direct and immediate damage to the cells and tissues. The same toxic and radioactive substances can also damage the lungs of people nearby.”

Source: http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/radiation/smoking.htm

There’s even more info on the subject of radiation in cigarettes on there. Check it out.

Now, you should get the point of why I want to do this study. Because those materials aren’t present in any of the ingredients that go into making e-liquid. So, with an actual study to prove that the annual intake of ionizing radiation in a vaper’s lungs is significantly lower than that of a smoker’s lungs, then maybe we can get better rights as vapers, the government stepping back on it and even help reduce smoking.

Plus, you know, this could be Nobel prize worthy here.. I mean, hell, I can dream, can’t I?

Urban Vape Kartel

So, I started a new online community. Called the Urban Vape Kartel. Kartel, being spelled with a K is kind of an homage to Van Coke Kartel, which is a South African band. I figured I liked the spelling, so I’ll use it. Plus, it gives it a unique spin, at least I think it does. Anyway, the website is located at http://urbanvapekartel.com, and the actual community is at http://urbanvapekartel.com/uvk. Feel free to sign up. I’m still getting everything set up, but you can still sign up. The answer to the question at sign up is Maxwell, Max or Max Evans. You can use either one, they’ll all work.

I’m using vBulletin, simply because it’s an amazing software for communities, and I paid $250 for the license, so I want to put it to good use. You can sign up with Facebook on the site too, but you’ll still have to choose a username, but then again, it wouldn’t be a good forum if you couldn’t do that. I’ll also work with all of the little details from avatars to smileys. I’m working on a good enter website page for the index of the site, or if I should just set up redirect, since I used a different directory to get started before fully launching the site.

The Problem I Have With Convicted Vapes

Now, before you think I’m here to totally badmouth this group, spread slanderous lies and whatnot. No, that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to share my experience with the group, and tell what they’re doing wrong, and what they should be doing differently. And if I get shit about this from the group itself, it will only prove my point further.
First thing’s first, before starting ANY community. If you have NO idea how to run one, best idea is to just not create one. That, or get a course on how to create and run a good community, such as here (https://www.udemy.com/community-building-101/?ccManual=&couponCode=GOALS015) and with the coupon code, the course is $15, effectively about as much as a 30ML bottle of premium ejuice. (And Udemy is a very well known online learning course platform founded in 2010, and almost /always/ has sales) And, in my opinion, totally worth it to get your community on the right path, instead of where you think it should be. Which is a group where admins are all powerful and can do whatever the hell they please, and members are just mere peasants and know absolutely nothing, except for a small group we call the “favorites”. Sorry, guys, that is not what a community is.
In short a community is a group of individuals who all share the same likes/hobbies/passions, among other things. They help build each other up, encourage each other, help each other thrive. These were, however, NOT the attributes I examined in the Convicted Vapes group on Facebook. What I experienced in my (I think it was about two months) was a continuous amount of put downs for everything I posted. I ask for some good cheap RDA suggestions and said I didn’t want to go clone, but I was looking at them because I had limited funds (and instead of getting things like  “Oh, I understand, but let me help you find some authentic RDAs that are inexpensive.” I get things like “You’re a fucking moron for asking about clones here, you obviously don’t know how to read the fucking rules, dipshit.”)  …. Now, if it were in my group, the asshole that spouted that shit would have been rode hard and put away wet, with his picture up on the hall of shame to let people know he treats other members of the vape community like shit. Remember the necessary attributes communities need to survive and thrive? Mainly the “help build each other up” and “encourage each other”? I’m sorry, but when Tristan himself eggs on a new member who doesn’t understand the rules and gets his “favorites” crew to gang up on them, that’s not attributing ANY good values in a community. Whether or not you’re an admin, you /do not/ treat /anyone/ that way. In most businesses (retail, restaurants, etc) the golden rule is “the customer is always right”, it honestly doesn’t matter if the customer is blatantly wrong, and you can prove it.. the customer is /always/ right. Communities are treated the same way. Admins are there to keep order, not to condemn. Some people, however, cannot handle that kind of power without it going straight to their head. Hence why we have cops that think they can get away with things and that they are “above the law”.

Another experience I had was when I asked for help in funding a startup for an ejuice brand. This John guy from Michigan (who makes the Johnny’s Juice) pretty much told me that I didn’t know shit about anything and that I would fail, and he would make sure that I did. (Seriously, who the fuck does he think he is?)
“Convicted Vapes”… what is the definition of the word “Convict”? It’s a declaration of someone’s guilt of a criminal offense. Well then.. that surely explains why the hell they act like convicts in the group. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they sure as fuck /know/ their shit, well kind of **. But when someone else doesn’t, they mock them, and act like they don’t belong there. In reality, I would have steered VERY clear of the word “convict” in a group, or at least the mere attitude of a convict. Just my opinion though.
**I said kind of because in their rules they claim the Chinese steal mod/RDA designs which is really fucking funny to me, considering the original idea for the whole damn thing came from China. I mean, if you know your shit, you’ll know that a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Lik, invented the modern vaporizer in 2003 because his father died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. Meaning, if it weren’t for the Chinese, we Americans /wouldn’t/ have the technology to design. So to act all superior because the Americans can make a Chinese product, and to claim the Chinese (who created the product) steals from “originals”… yeah, I think you see where I’m going with this. I’m just going to hope as you read this, you’re smart enough to deduce what I’m getting at here. And yeah, I mean, knowing all about vaping, back in the 60’s, Herbert Gilbert invented a smokeless cigarette device. But, with the diagrams of the design compared to what we use today, what we use today is based off of Hon Lik’s design from 2003. So, even if you were to make the argument about Gilbert’s idea from the 60’s, it wouldn’t count simply because we don’t use that exact design or idea.

Also, we are not above anyone. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been into vaping, you are not and will not be any better than anyone else. To even have the idea that just because you’ve been vaping for one year, means you know more than someone who’s been vaping, for say, six months, is pretty damn pathetic. It has /nothing/ to do with how long you’ve vaping, but how much effort you put into learning about it. And even then, learning more about it doesn’t make you any better either. The idea behind a community is to help each other learn, not put each other down for what the other doesn’t know (a common practice by members of Convicted Vapes).

So, all in all, I’m honestly not trying to put down the people in the group, but make it known about their practices and attitudes there. As I said before, communities are to help each other out, but the CV community is about putting everyone down that doesn’t understand certain things about vaping. /This/ is /not/ a community, ladies and gentlemen. This is pretty much what I would call a communist group run by people who think they are better than everyone else. I’m more for equality on this kind of thing. We are all the same, nobody better than the other. If you have a question about vaping, how do you expect to get the answer when you have a dozen members putting you down for not knowing it?

I’d honestly like to hear your thoughts on this. If you have joined, and are in the same boat as me, please tell your experience. And like I said, if you get shit for it, it’ll only prove the point further. So, honestly, you have nothing to fear by telling the truth, your experience matters. And, if you’re still a part of the group, and have witnessed these things, I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.