Study On The Annual Intake Of Ionizing Radiation In A Vaper’s Lungs Compared To A Smoker’s Lungs

Okay, this is very important to me. I’m posting it here and on Urban Vape Kartel. I need people interested, like university people interested in doing a study on the annual intake of ionizing radiation of a vaper’s lungs compared to that of a smoker. Now, it’s already been studied on the intake of a smoker’s lungs, and that study found that the annual intake of ionizing radiation was 160,000 microsieverts (and that’s based on an average 1.5 packs a day smoker). And to put that into perspective, the average person’s annual intake is 2,000 microsieverts. Whereas astronauts are 80,000 microsieverts annually because they’re above the atmospheric protection of solar radiation. And even Chernobyl ranks lower at 43,800 microsieverts a year, more or less. The output of radiation is just barely over 5 microsieverts an hour, so I just rounded down and calculated it. So, it may not be completely exact, but you get the point.

Now, if you know me, you know I love doing research, which is how I came up with this idea. I was also doing research and found that cigarettes contain so much ionizing radiation because Polonium-210 and Lead-210 was heavily present in the fertilizers that farmers use to maximize their tobacco crops. Here’s what the CDC website says on this subject…

“Radioactive materials, like polonium-210 and lead-210 are found naturally in the soil and air. They are also found in the high-phosphate fertilizers that farmers use on their crops. Polonium-210 and lead-210 get into and onto tobacco leaves and remain there even after the tobacco has been processed.

When a smoker lights a cigarette and inhales the tobacco smoke, the toxic and radioactive substances in the smoke enter the lungs where they can cause direct and immediate damage to the cells and tissues. The same toxic and radioactive substances can also damage the lungs of people nearby.”


There’s even more info on the subject of radiation in cigarettes on there. Check it out.

Now, you should get the point of why I want to do this study. Because those materials aren’t present in any of the ingredients that go into making e-liquid. So, with an actual study to prove that the annual intake of ionizing radiation in a vaper’s lungs is significantly lower than that of a smoker’s lungs, then maybe we can get better rights as vapers, the government stepping back on it and even help reduce smoking.

Plus, you know, this could be Nobel prize worthy here.. I mean, hell, I can dream, can’t I?

New Host, New Start

Well, I moved hosts.. and there are many reasons I did this. I will list off the few main reasons I changed webhost companies (from HostMonster to GoDaddy).

Basically, I wanted to install Magento 2, which requires PHP 5.5.22 or higher and MySQL 5.6. Well, I didn’t have those versions on HostMonster, so I contacted support in hopes to get them upgraded, well they decided to tell me that it would cost me $300 more per year (I had prepaid for three years after my first year, which ended today, which would have been about $900 more) I was like.. “uhh yeaaah, fuck no”.. they basically wanted to nickel and dime me for little things they could have done, but wanted more money for it. So, I contacted GoDaddy to check on the versions of PHP and MySQL they had on their shared hosting, and they had EXACTLY what I needed and for literally over 50% LESS than HostMonster. So, I asked for a refund on what I had prepaid for the renewal, and decided to change hosts to GoDaddy.

Now that all files and websites are back up on the new host, I now have to work on the many sub domains I had before, as well as email accounts. The email accounts won’t be so hard, simply because I didn’t have that many. I already have my two up, it’s just the others I had for friends. Which is all good, most of them but a couple are set back up, even emails have been moved from one server to the new one. So nobody will lose any emails.

The only thing that I can’t figure out how to do, is set up my custom web mail. For some reason the server won’t let me set it up, which I think is kind of dumb. But I’ll figure it out either way. I’ll get it working one way or another. And if I don’t, I’ll see what I can do about it.

Anyway, I’m out. Just wanted to let you guys know of the move. I’m coloring my hair right now, so I will be posting pictures of my hair when it’s all done to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So be on the lookout for that. =)

Urban Vape Kartel

So, I started a new online community. Called the Urban Vape Kartel. Kartel, being spelled with a K is kind of an homage to Van Coke Kartel, which is a South African band. I figured I liked the spelling, so I’ll use it. Plus, it gives it a unique spin, at least I think it does. Anyway, the website is located at, and the actual community is at Feel free to sign up. I’m still getting everything set up, but you can still sign up. The answer to the question at sign up is Maxwell, Max or Max Evans. You can use either one, they’ll all work.

I’m using vBulletin, simply because it’s an amazing software for communities, and I paid $250 for the license, so I want to put it to good use. You can sign up with Facebook on the site too, but you’ll still have to choose a username, but then again, it wouldn’t be a good forum if you couldn’t do that. I’ll also work with all of the little details from avatars to smileys. I’m working on a good enter website page for the index of the site, or if I should just set up redirect, since I used a different directory to get started before fully launching the site.

The Problem I Have With Convicted Vapes

Now, before you think I’m here to totally badmouth this group, spread slanderous lies and whatnot. No, that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to share my experience with the group, and tell what they’re doing wrong, and what they should be doing differently. And if I get shit about this from the group itself, it will only prove my point further.
First thing’s first, before starting ANY community. If you have NO idea how to run one, best idea is to just not create one. That, or get a course on how to create and run a good community, such as here ( and with the coupon code, the course is $15, effectively about as much as a 30ML bottle of premium ejuice. (And Udemy is a very well known online learning course platform founded in 2010, and almost /always/ has sales) And, in my opinion, totally worth it to get your community on the right path, instead of where you think it should be. Which is a group where admins are all powerful and can do whatever the hell they please, and members are just mere peasants and know absolutely nothing, except for a small group we call the “favorites”. Sorry, guys, that is not what a community is.
In short a community is a group of individuals who all share the same likes/hobbies/passions, among other things. They help build each other up, encourage each other, help each other thrive. These were, however, NOT the attributes I examined in the Convicted Vapes group on Facebook. What I experienced in my (I think it was about two months) was a continuous amount of put downs for everything I posted. I ask for some good cheap RDA suggestions and said I didn’t want to go clone, but I was looking at them because I had limited funds (and instead of getting things like  “Oh, I understand, but let me help you find some authentic RDAs that are inexpensive.” I get things like “You’re a fucking moron for asking about clones here, you obviously don’t know how to read the fucking rules, dipshit.”)  …. Now, if it were in my group, the asshole that spouted that shit would have been rode hard and put away wet, with his picture up on the hall of shame to let people know he treats other members of the vape community like shit. Remember the necessary attributes communities need to survive and thrive? Mainly the “help build each other up” and “encourage each other”? I’m sorry, but when Tristan himself eggs on a new member who doesn’t understand the rules and gets his “favorites” crew to gang up on them, that’s not attributing ANY good values in a community. Whether or not you’re an admin, you /do not/ treat /anyone/ that way. In most businesses (retail, restaurants, etc) the golden rule is “the customer is always right”, it honestly doesn’t matter if the customer is blatantly wrong, and you can prove it.. the customer is /always/ right. Communities are treated the same way. Admins are there to keep order, not to condemn. Some people, however, cannot handle that kind of power without it going straight to their head. Hence why we have cops that think they can get away with things and that they are “above the law”.

Another experience I had was when I asked for help in funding a startup for an ejuice brand. This John guy from Michigan (who makes the Johnny’s Juice) pretty much told me that I didn’t know shit about anything and that I would fail, and he would make sure that I did. (Seriously, who the fuck does he think he is?)
“Convicted Vapes”… what is the definition of the word “Convict”? It’s a declaration of someone’s guilt of a criminal offense. Well then.. that surely explains why the hell they act like convicts in the group. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they sure as fuck /know/ their shit, well kind of **. But when someone else doesn’t, they mock them, and act like they don’t belong there. In reality, I would have steered VERY clear of the word “convict” in a group, or at least the mere attitude of a convict. Just my opinion though.
**I said kind of because in their rules they claim the Chinese steal mod/RDA designs which is really fucking funny to me, considering the original idea for the whole damn thing came from China. I mean, if you know your shit, you’ll know that a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Lik, invented the modern vaporizer in 2003 because his father died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. Meaning, if it weren’t for the Chinese, we Americans /wouldn’t/ have the technology to design. So to act all superior because the Americans can make a Chinese product, and to claim the Chinese (who created the product) steals from “originals”… yeah, I think you see where I’m going with this. I’m just going to hope as you read this, you’re smart enough to deduce what I’m getting at here. And yeah, I mean, knowing all about vaping, back in the 60’s, Herbert Gilbert invented a smokeless cigarette device. But, with the diagrams of the design compared to what we use today, what we use today is based off of Hon Lik’s design from 2003. So, even if you were to make the argument about Gilbert’s idea from the 60’s, it wouldn’t count simply because we don’t use that exact design or idea.

Also, we are not above anyone. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been into vaping, you are not and will not be any better than anyone else. To even have the idea that just because you’ve been vaping for one year, means you know more than someone who’s been vaping, for say, six months, is pretty damn pathetic. It has /nothing/ to do with how long you’ve vaping, but how much effort you put into learning about it. And even then, learning more about it doesn’t make you any better either. The idea behind a community is to help each other learn, not put each other down for what the other doesn’t know (a common practice by members of Convicted Vapes).

So, all in all, I’m honestly not trying to put down the people in the group, but make it known about their practices and attitudes there. As I said before, communities are to help each other out, but the CV community is about putting everyone down that doesn’t understand certain things about vaping. /This/ is /not/ a community, ladies and gentlemen. This is pretty much what I would call a communist group run by people who think they are better than everyone else. I’m more for equality on this kind of thing. We are all the same, nobody better than the other. If you have a question about vaping, how do you expect to get the answer when you have a dozen members putting you down for not knowing it?

I’d honestly like to hear your thoughts on this. If you have joined, and are in the same boat as me, please tell your experience. And like I said, if you get shit for it, it’ll only prove the point further. So, honestly, you have nothing to fear by telling the truth, your experience matters. And, if you’re still a part of the group, and have witnessed these things, I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

Lost Time

So, a thing happened.. and the thing took down my site.. not sure what the thing was, but now my site is back up. And now I’m all happy again, because I can start writing my adventures and stories again. I changed the tag line again. Though, I do like “I’d rather live crazy than die sane.” I also like “Adventures of Max and other short stories.” It fits better, in my opinion. Plus, I’ve used it before, and just now remembered it. My life can be pretty exciting, so stay tuned for more stories and adventures from me, MAX EVANS!

Here I Come!

Sorry about the lapse in the vlogs lately, I got sick and have been sick for while. I haven’t felt like moving at all, so I just stay laying down. Mostly playing on my phone, listening to music and watching shows on Google Play and Netflix. I got an Amazon Fire TV, and it’s pretty cool. But I think I’m going to give it to my mom and get an nVidia Shield, since it’s an Android TV. And I bought Ghost Adventures on Google Play, I should be able to watch it on there, since I can’t with the Fire TV.

Plus, we’ve been planning a trip to Georgia for a while now, and I’ve been really looking forward to it. I got to see an old friend I haven’t seen since forever. And it was awesome. I’m in Covington, GA right now, at the Hampton Inn. They have down pillows and they are amazing. I slept like a rock last night. Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Valdosta, which is south Georgia. From there we’ll check into a hotel in Lake Park.

I’ll try to update more often from there. But for now, I’m going to head to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

One Hundred Day Vlog Challenge

I decided to challenge myself as of the first of next month (May 1, 2015) to do a one hundred day vlog challenge. I ordered an HD camcorder that I’ll be using for it. It’ll be an all day vlog. Where I start recording in the morning and have various scenes throughout the day. And I hope to keep going after the one hundred days. I’ll at least stick to the one hundred days first, then see about going further. I want to keep it a daily thing for a long time. But we’ll see.

I challenge my friends to do one hundred days of vlogging. See what you get, and see what you think and maybe get into it more. Let’s find out what happens together, maybe. =)

Just Something I Didn’t Get To Show

This is just something I didn’t get to show on here, since my site was down a lot of last year and over Christmas. I got a lot a cool gifts, but two gifts really stood out. One, this lovely Minecraft handbook set my brother got me.


The second gift that really stood out, and almost made me cry.. was simply, a gift card. Yes, you read that right.. a gift card. After everything my brother got me for Christmas, he still (over heard me when I said I really just wanted Google Play cards) went out on Christmas day to a store that was open, and bought me a $25 Google Play card. I almost teared up, simply because I couldn’t give as much as I wanted to.

Anyway, besides all the other cool stuff I got, those two really mattered. The first one took some thought, it wasn’t a last minute, get it because you haven’t gotten it yet kind of thing. Which some seemed that way to me. I’m thankful for everything I got.  Thank you for being such an awesome family (I know you guys will read this). =)

God Is Awesome!

I have to post this.. because it’s amazing. To explain everything, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, again, but we are on food benefits, because we can’t afford food out of our checks each month after paying rent and bills. Around October, we had a recertification for our benefits, we had just moved to another county, and they said they got everything they needed from the other DHS we used before. Well, they cut our benefits as of November. We contacted our case worker, and she requested all kinds of info to restart our benefits, and we gathered everything together and emailed it all to her. Never heard a word from her, and by January, we were pissed. We contacted the supervisor, who contacted our case worker, who then contacted us and said she had everything she needed and would process the application within forty eight hours, and we’d hear something back in a week. Well, that was around the end of January, and until today, we still hadn’t heard from anyone.

So, about two or three weeks ago, we contacted the Governor’s office, who said they’d talk to Lansing DHS and have them take care of it. Well, today we get a call saying things had been fixed, and they had retroactively paid us for the months we didn’t get them as well. So, as I said in the title, God is awesome!

This Crazy World

In this crazy wide world we live in, nothing comes free. Nothing comes easy. Stress is always available, and relaxation is something nobody gets. Because in this crazy world we live in, we own nothing, the government owns us, and the products we buy are owned by the corporations that make them.

In this crazy world we live in, we have so many feelings, so many emotions bombarding us every day. We turn to vices, whether it be cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. We use these vices to numb our emotions, ease our stress. We become addicted and then it takes over our lives. We do anything to keep from feeling these dead, unwanted feelings and emotions. Then we become nothing but an empty shell of who we once were. Nothing left anymore, and when we look in the mirror, we hate who we see.

In this crazy world we live in, nobody cares. Our neighbors keep to themselves and give you dirty looks when you walk outside. They have nothing to do with you, and never help you out. You’re lucky if you find one who says hello in the morning. But when they want something, they’re always asking you for it. Most people in this world never want anything to do with you unless they want something. It’s only when you have something someone wants that you become relevant to them. It’s like unless it benefits them, you’re a nobody.

In this crazy world we live in loyalty is a very rare thing, if it even exists anymore. If you’re ever lucky to have a loyal friend or lover, don’t take them for granted. Loyalty doesn’t come free, you pay it back with loyalty. Be as loyal as they are to you. Have their back as much as they have yours. I hope some of you are lucky enough to find at least one person who’s loyal to you.

In this crazy world we live in, memories are all we have to hold on to. Because people can’t be trusted anymore. People come and go, relationships come and go. But all we have is memories of them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Moving Over

Well this is my first post on here now. I lost everything I had before. Because the server I was on went down, and my sister can’t get a hold of the guy who owns the server, but I’m hoping she can so I can get backups. Mainly my database backups for my blog and forums. But this site will be hosted on HostMonster for now. I did find a dedicated server that fit everything I needed, but it was $114/month, and I honestly didn’t have that much extra per month to spare. I also bought the theme I’m using, because free themes are very limited, and not so unique. I need something different, something that stands out. Something that will put my blog on the map of the interweb.

Now that my site’s back up, I will update as much as I can. I need to get into the habit of posting more often anyway. I’m liking the theme I bought, I’ve got it customized just the way I want it. If anyone has any suggestions for it, let me know, I’m up for suggestions, always. Anyway, for now I’m done with this post.


I know I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been extremely depressed lately, and most of my friends would have noticed this due to me not being very talkative. But I’m slowly starting to get better again. Soon I’ll be good enough to visit my friend in Ann Arbor. It’s only 17 miles each way to see him. And I know where he lives, I’ve been there once, last year.

Note to self: Don’t call someone a faggot using Facebook or else you’ll get post blocked for 24 hours. The sad thing is, I didn’t mean anything other than the guy was a faggot. How is that offensive?

You know, dealing with personal stuff with depression can give you a lot of inspiration to write. I’ve started writing songs for when I form a band. I’m not even telling the band name yet. Because I’m trying to decide between two names. I’ve enlisted help from my brother, since he’s going to be in my band. So we’ll decide soon enough. As soon as I move back to Atlanta, I’m going to find some people who play instruments to join my band. That’ll be in a little over a year, after I finish school, so I can get a job at a local radio station in Atlanta, hopefully Project 9-6-1. That’s my favorite station ever besides 89X in Detroit.

Speaking of Atlanta, I want to try Sublime Donuts. It’s a local donut shop in Atlanta that my brother told me about. I looked through their donuts on their website, and they look really good.

Well, it’s like 6 am and I’m tired. So this is it for this post. I’ll post again real soon. Nighty night. =)