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  1. It’s so weird not to have him around anymore. It’s like not normal. Things are off balance. =(    I miss him so much.

  2. I know how this is, Hannah, the cow, is 14, and she’s becoming sick lately. We don’t know how much more she can take, since she’s been tormented by my dog. Honestly, it’s heartbreaking because I’ve lost so much in the past two months.

    Plus, we’ve had her for twelve years, she’s always been part of the family, and everyone knows who she is. I mean, come on, she’s just…fat and adorable. xD

    • That’s sad. It always sucks when a pet gets sick or something. You feel for them, especially if you care enough about them that they’re like part of your family. Tigger was a part of my family ever since we first got him. And when he died, it was like losing a family member. It hurts the same as when I lost my dad.

      • That’s what makes animals special. No matter what, they’ll love you, and you’ll love them back. Any animal that is brought into a family, is always a part of the family. It’s never easy to part with an animals death, or someone you were close to. Even though animals don’t talk, they seem to get further into our hearts than many people even bother to try, and it makes me smile. But, you’ll get to see him again, and that fluffball will be all over you xD It might take a while till it stops hurting, or the pain even lessens, but never forget about the great times you’ve had, and how those times will never cease.