Pownce Bar Updates 2009-01-16 2:03:48 PM
Since Pownce shut down. I will be removing the Pownce Bar Generator. I'm sad to see Pownce go. =[

New Generators Added! 2008-07-18 2:21:51 PM
I've gone further than MySpace. I have added four new generators for other Social Networking sites! Enjoy them!

New MS URL Userbar Styes Added! 2008-03-17 2:39:42 AM
I've added 4 more Userbar styles, recreated the gif to show the new ones. More coming soon. Also coming, Birthday Graphic Cards!

MySpace URL Userbar Generator Updated! 2008-03-15 6:59:40 PM
All userbar script's spacing fixed, so it looks as if it was created in Photoshop. Example gif recreated. And the link back codes are all fixed. More coming soon!